TWCA Quarterly Winter 2017

By jack karlin

24 pages, published 2/15/2017

TWCA Quarterly’s 2017 Winter edition has great information about the membership, the end of 2016, and what the future of the program holds so check it out today!

Founded in 2010 by four direct competitors in the turfgrass industry, the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance is a 501 c(3) non profit committed to water conservation.  We believe that by improving the plant materials available we can reduce the water needs of the managed environment while preserving the vital ecological services provided by greenspaces.

Our science based approach to conservation relies on the 3rd party peer review of objective data to qualify only those turfgrasses that demonstrate a statistically significant water saving potential over conventional varieties of the same species.  By testing with research collaborators in thirteen locations across North America, the TWCA is eliminating confounding factors such as soil type, heat, and pest management from the results.

With more than 100 members world wide representing the green collar industry, government agencies, and academia, the TWCA continues to grow and continues to emphasize the importance of a balanced, scientifically based approach to conservation and the managed environment.