TWCA Qualification

In order for a turf grass consumer product, blend or mixture to be qualified to use the TWCA label, a minimum of 70% of the varieties included in that product blend or mixture must be TWCA qualified. For any variety to qualify, it must pass multiple screenings of scientifically repeatable drought stresses, and score at or near the top of any statistical analysis base.

Once qualified varieties retain their qualification for a maximum of eight years (sixteen years for Kentucky Bluegrasses).  After the qualification has expired, varieties must requalify against a higher standard of drought tolerance making the TWCA qualification process a series of incremental reductions in overall water need for turfgrasses.

Download TWCA Certificate (PDF)


Finding TWCA qualified varieties has never been easier!  Just use our map to find the qualified vendor nearest you!
Orange markers are Industry members and Green markers are University, Government and Research Members (they will not be able to supply you with TWCA Qualified products).



Producer Name Species Organization
Princess-77 Bermudagrass Pennington

Chewings Fescue

Producer Name Species Organization
7 Seas Chewings Fescue Pennington
Culumbra II Chewings Fescue ProSeeds
Heathland Chewings Fescue TMI
Shadow III Chewings Fescue Pure Seed
Survivor Chewings Fescue Pennington

Creeping Red Fescue

Producer Name Species Organization
Xeric Creeping Red Fescue Pure Seed
Celestial Creeping Red Fescue TMI
Miser Creeping Red Fescue ProSeeds
Pennington ASC 295 Creeping Red Fescue Pennington
Razor Creeping Red Fescue Pennington

Hard Fescue

Producer Name Species Organization
4HES Hard Hard Fescue Pure Seed
Viking H2O Hard Fescue ProSeeds
Bighorn GT Hard Fescue Pure Seed
Nanook Hard Fescue TMI
Predator Hard Fescue Pennington

Kentucky Bluegrass

Producer Name Species Organization
Tirem Kentucky Bluegrass PureSeed
Apollo H20 Kentucky Bluegrass ProSeeds
Barserati Kentucky Bluegrass Barenbrug
Bedazzled Kentucky Bluegrass TMI
Diva Kentucky Bluegrass ProSeeds
Full Moon Kentucky Bluegrass Pure Seed
Mallard Kentucky Bluegrass Pennington
Mystere H20 Kentucky Bluegrass ProSeeds
Oasis Kentucky Bluegrass Pennington
Ridgeline Kentucky Bluegrass Pennington
WaterWorks Kentucky Bluegrass TMI

Perennial Ryegrass

Producer Name Species Organization
Deschutes Perennial Ryegrass ProSeeds
Double Time GLS Perennial Ryegrass ProSeeds
Manhattan 5 GLR Perennial Ryegrass TMI
Palmer H20 Perennial Ryegrass ProSeeds
Panther H20 Perennial Ryegrass ProSeeds
Pennant H20 Perennial Ryegrass ProSeeds
Pennington APR2237 Perennial Ryegrass Pennington
Pennington APR 2105 Perennial Ryegrass Pennington
Pennington APR 2154 Perennial Ryegrass Pennington
Pennington APR 2190 Perennial Ryegrass Pennington
Radiance H20 Perennial Ryegrass ProSeeds
Rainmaker Perennial Ryegrass TMI
Rainwater Perennial Ryegrass TMI

Tall Fescue

Producer Name Species Organization
2nd Millennium Tall Fescue TMI
Aquaduct Tall Fescue TMI
Aquavita Tall Fescue TMI
BarRobusto Tall Fescue Barenbrug
Bonsai 2x Tall Fescue TMI
Falcon H20 Tall Fescue ProSeeds
Falcon IV Tall Fescue ProSeeds
Greystone Tall Fescue Pennington
Penington ATF 1258 Tall Fescue Pennington
Penn RK4 Tall Fescue Pennington
Pennington ATF 1254 Tall Fescue Pennington
Pennington ATF 1376 Tall Fescue Pennington
Rain Dance Tall Fescue Pure Seed
Rebel XLR Tall Fescue Pennington
Rebel Xtreme Tall Fescue Pennington
Renegade H20 Tall Fescue Pro Seeds
Rhambler SRP Tall Fescue TMI
Saltillo Tall Fescue Pure Seed
Shenandoah Elite Tall Fescue Pro Seeds
Virtue II Tall Fescue Pennington