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Class A


Producer Name Organization
Addink, Joel AG Sod Co. Inc
Buckton, Bob Graham Turf
DeArmond Jr., Tom Oregon Turf and Tree Farms
Fox, Jimmy American Sod Farm
Gaude, Agostino TempoVerde SRL
Frey, Mary Pacific Coast Seed
Glattly, John Twin City Seed
Graff, James Graff's Turf Farms
Herrmann, Kevin Fairway Green
Hope, Chris Greenway Turf Inc.
Jeacle, Brett Manderly Turf Products INC
Keeven jr., Tom Heartland Turf Farms
Lee, Ed Summit Seed
Lo Monaco, James Paul's Best Lawn Service, Inc.
Mayberry, Jared Ryan Lawn and Tree
McShane, John Stover
Schiedel, Steve Greenhorizons Sod Farms
Sheffield, Jodie Delta Bluegrass Company
Simmons, Pam Turpin Farms
Spardy, Nick Harrell's
Van Geest, Steve Pinnacle Sod
Vanclief, Kurt Willowlee Sod Farms LTD
Wilbur, Ted Sod Shop
Williams, Josh Williams Lawn Seed
Wise, Scott Gard'n-Wise
Woodward, Scott Woodward Turf Farms Inc.
Zander, Claus Zander Sod



Producer Name Organization
Barrett, Miles Barenbrug
Fricker, Crystal Pure Seed Testing
Hignight, Kenneth NexGen




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